Friday, July 08, 2005

Land of The Dead -- Just another zombie movie

All the hype about this movie led me to expect something different. The world is overrun with zombies ,or 'Stenches', who appear to be trying to act out their former roles when they were alive. This imitation behavior leads to more learning and lifts the zombies to the intelligence level of cannibalistic mongoloid cavemen.
Despite all these new features in a zombie movie it does nothing to make this feel like a different zombie flick. Now this is probably a good thing as it could have really sucked with all these elements, but I was still looking forward to a real change in the zombie genre. All you really end up with is a Mad Max or Tank Girl movie with not so dumb zombies in it. There's a big Tank called Dead Reckoning (which looks a lot like the souped-up trucks in the Dawn of The Dead remake) that gets plenty of screen time blasting zombies with chain guns and launching sky flowers to distract zombies. Plenty of dismemberment and people getting eaten alive which goes without saying of course.
The acting isn't fantastic but it doesn't suck too bad either. The ending is pretty open with no certain consequences, just the idea that life and undead life goes on.
This is a move for zombie fans who just want more zombie gore. Anyone expecting anything new will feel somewhat disappointed.


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