Friday, July 01, 2005

War of The Worlds -- Now includes patriotic agenda!

Think of this movie as Saving Private Ryan mixed with Jaws. Spielberg uses his war movie experience to create a realistic and tense feeling as alien tripods vaporize the populace of every major city in the world. There are also the brief horrifying moments of surprise and imminent doom.
Tom Cruise manages to not annoy by being an action hero. He instead comes through as he should; a crappy weekend dad named Ray who just wants to survive invasion with his whiney kids intact. Tim Robbins plays the same guy he did in Mystic River and the same thing happens to him, he goes nuts and gets killed for it. The use of extras was excellent. Humans behaved as they usually do in rare and dangerous events. People panic, gather in large and easy-to-wipe-out groups, become mindlessly selfish, and generally do stupid and mindless acts of blind terror.
What was different about this update to War of The Worlds was that instead of just showing us invasion, Spielberg shows us phase two of the Martians plan for dominating earth.

*Spoiler Alert* We knew about blowing up cities, but we didn't know they had any interests with us personally. We learn that the Martians (tripedal ripoffs of the aliens from Independence Day) will attempt to terraform Earth by planting vines from Mars and fertilizing it with our blood. The process includes getting picked out of a basket and having a tentacle stab you with a hollow needle and sucking out your blood which gets sprayed out of the tripods vents. It was and awesome scene. I can't think of a better way of owning the predominant race of a planet you're conquering.

So if you're going to watch this movie for fun's sake and not think about it, by all means enjoy yourself. Those of you who analyze the films you see, I have annoying news.

First off, the patriotic agenda. There are several scenes that seem to symbolize that it wasn't just germs that save Earth, but the spirit of freedom living in each and every American.
When Tom runs out of his house to check out the thunder storm you see that every house on his side of the street all have American flags waving from them. Another scenes features the Minute Man statue in Boston with decaying Mars vines all over it, but the rest of the city has healthy Mars plants. This may or may not annoy you, but come on, the world is in peril, not just the USA.

Someone in the movie mentions the theory that these machines were put on earth millions of years ago so that when the plans were finished the Martians could begin their invasion. Why the hell wouldn't they invade when there was practically zero resistance on earth those million years ago?

*Spoiler Alert* Somehow Robby, Ray's son, manages to survive a front line dissolving of American tanks and makes it Grandma's house in Boston. And Grandma's house in a trashed Boston is untouched and everyone is fine. WTF!? Did we just step into a fairy tale just a little bit? They didn't even kill off the rich step-dad.

This movie is in no way smart, it's just an above par action movie that's fun to see but frustrating to think about.


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