Thursday, October 27, 2005

Has it occurred to anyone that we may be the Klingons of the our galaxy?

Considering how much farther advanced out military applications (all nations, not just our own) than anything else we make, you have to admit, we LOVE war.

"HEY! MY HILL!" "NO! MINE!" *Guy A kills guy B* "MY HILL!" "......." Problem solved.
The swift results of violent action evolved faster than our ability to negotiate peacefully.

And when we look at the rest of history war is the founder of almost all nations and the mother of invention. The trebuchet is one impressive piece of engineering, and much more fun to use than an architecturally inspiring and dumbfounding structure of a non-military nature. At least my inner ape says so. All those neat steels and plastics and rubber materials come from solving a problem from a war-time scenario.

Now I'm not preaching war and I'm not saying war is a good thing. I'm saying it's in our nature to dish out pain and like it, especially if it gets us what we want from stubborn opponents. Not everybody's like that right away, but I believe I can safely say when it comes to a heated argument (we all have 'em) we deep down would like to just smash some face. Ethics stops us from doing that all the time because a lot of us feel bad afterwards and its also not gonna get us what we want most of the time, but we still wanna. We even play games based on the most nightmarish events that could possibly happen to us. I'm pretty sure no war vets play Battlefield 1942 and say, "Aw, yeah! I pwned teh n00bs with my mad kamikaze skillz! W00T!" "Look at them run!" "ROFLMAO! I RAN MY FLACK TRACK INTO MY OWN BARRACKS AND BLEW UP! THEY'RE ALL ON FIRE! FRIENDLY FIRE! LOL!"

So Star Trek is even fonier when it designates the human race as the diplomats of the galaxy, tip-toeing around traditions and treaties and trying to understand alien cultures. It would be more realistic to place us right next to our battle brothers, the Klingons, bellowing "KAPLAH!"


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