Monday, October 03, 2005

Mortal Kombat Deception -- This old dog needs to be put down

I'm not a big fan of the Mortal Kombat series so I'm somewhat set up to not like this game in the first place. Mortal Kombat has a legacy of crappy games that it's die hard fans gobble up and then scream for more. I honestly can't see why. The funny buckets of blood and brutal fatalities are fun to do for ten minutes, but the inferior fighting engine just yanks the fun right away. Unlike EVERY OTHER successful fighting game, MK decides to stick with a very strict system of lengthy combos that just widdle down the health bar. Grab moves were never a big part of MK and still are a huge minority. The combos themselves are difficult and none too impressive, unless you are amazed by a flying body getting smacked in the legs eight times. Special moves like fireballs and teleporting are just for show and tend to leave you wide open for the unforgiving AI. I felt like my character was made of wood and could only make one motion at a time and then stick in that position longer than I'd like. There is no fluid motion whatsoever. It's like controlling a robot filled with jam. The boss is still not fun to fight. Super Smash Bros. has a better fighting engine.
MK Deception has some interesting game modes like Kombat Chess and a puzzle mode. Kombat chess is like Archon which makes for some interesting strategy, but you can still not how to play Archon or chess and still win if you're the better MK fighter. Puzzle mode is a variant of Tetris which isn't fun to play. Yeah, Midway found a way to ruin Tetris.
The final line is MK sucks and always has. The reason it's alive today are all the old fans who can't get enough of the gory fun. I hate this game with a passion. Only MK fans should buy this, there is no other reason to buy this game unless you're a slave to Midway's crap fighter.


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