Sunday, November 13, 2005

Where are the action movies of yesterday?

I saw Doom The Movie last week and that's the question I've had in my head for this past week. What happened? Movies seem worse now when they try to explain sci-fi bullshit science and try to make it believable. Would we complain if they just left it up to us to figure it out? We didn't mind in 79' with Star Wars. Lightsaber? Oh, it must be a highly concentrated laser beam. No one tells us what that is, we just accept the damn thing. The action hero of the 80's, that's what I'm missing. Predator ruled. Arnold Schwarzenegger VS an ugly alien in a battle of wits and fists. Holy shit that was pure genius! I want them to make Terminator VS Predator with no backstory whatsoever. Just have terminators walking around with chain guns led by Jesse Ventura and then Predator dropships deposit hunters into the scene. The boring human resistance dies or runs away. Do away with them however you will. Then just let the film go from there with Predators and Terminators clobbering each other because they want to. I don't pay money to have it explained to me why it would be logical to have a Predator ziggurat under the ice of Antartica. Fucking blow thousands of bugs up God damn it!
As Homer Simpson once said: "When did America stop rooting for the guy with the acid gun?"


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