Sunday, November 13, 2005

X-Box 360 - Excited? Don't be.

Just tried out the $399 console out and asked myself why the companies are coming out with a new generation of console with such a small leap in technology. You can throw tech lingo and numbers of gigs at me all day and I won't understand until I get my hands on a machine. Pheh. Remember the N64 and have you seen the Gamecube today? Big jump right? But this just looked like all the games on X-Box are available for high-end pc's. The graphics have gotten shinier, but I don't wanna spend four hundred bucks for more X-Box games that still play the same (The conroller is now white, nothing else really new besides the X button that connects to the system or whatever its supposed to do, who cares?) I'd be happy with just more new games for the current generation for another four years until someone comes out with somethign REALLY special. Like a fourth dimension.


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